Professional Albums

Albums are the best way to display your images in an elegant and modern way. We can design different styles of albums to fit your desire, from classic to contemporary layouts.

Our album pages are bound on white or black acid free panels. All pages are panorama style with center fold (not cut) to produce a unique album that will easily become an heirloom. We have 4 album styles available, each with different sizes and cover options.

Exclusive Coffee Table Books

Exclusive Coffee Table Books offer a wide range of sizes* and number of pages to satisfy modern brides who desire a unique look. Choose from the ever popular Photo Cover style or the more conservative “Leatherette” or “Genuine Leather” cover.

Album Size10 pages15 pages20 pages
12x12 in $632.00$705.00$798.00
10x10 in $502.00$582.00$657.00
8x8 in $402.00$473.00$537.00

*More sizes (8x6, 10x8, 12x10, 11x14, 12x16) are also available upon request. Prices include photo cover, presentation box, and Acculac lacquering to protect your images. Ask about leatherette or genuine leather costs.

Elegant′ Albums

Our Elegant′ albums are hand crafted, assembled and bound old fashioned style. They feature Italian leather in black or ivory or Linen covers in black, brown, gold, silver, burgundy or green. The Elegant′ Albums come with metallic dust covers with the image of your choice. Metallic dust covers are more durable and less susceptible to fingerprints and give your album the appearance of a coffee table book.

Elegant′ Italian Leather Album

Album Size10 pages15 pages20 pages
9x12 in $463.00$571.00$681.00
10x10 in $433.00$563.00$651.00
8x8 in $354.00$454.00$497.00
5x5 in $203.00$254.00$318.00

Elegant′ Linen Album

Album Size10 pages15 pages20 pages
12x12 in $471.00$623.00$766.00
9x12 in $344.00$467.00$524.00
8x8 in $266.00$369.00$436.00
8x6 in * $152.00$188.00$223.00

* 8x6 Elegant′ Linen albums don′t come with metallic dust covers.

Premira Albums

Premira albums come in black leather. You can choose your album with or without a front window to display your favorite photo.

Album Size9 pages12 pages15 pages
10x10 in $304.00$354.00$504.00